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Corso Milano, 95 / 27029 Vigevano (PV) Italy


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Treasure Museum of the Duomo

The Treasure Museum of the Cathedral of Vigevano is located in the Upper Sacristy of the Cathedral. The purpose of the Museum is the preservation and usability of the ecclesiastical goods that hosts, but this us not far away from the aim of keeping the expression of faith and religiosity.

The Shoe Museum

The International Shoe Museum is located at the Sforzesco Castle of Vigevano on the first floor. It takes its name from Pietro Bertolini, one of the main shoemaking and founder of the famous Ursus Gomma. Since the '30s of the last century Mr Bertolini had started collecting historical shoes, documents, relics, objects of various kinds related to the world of shoe, thus constituting, within a few years, a real private museum dedicated to the shoe. The entrance to the Museum is free. scopri di più

Leonardiana, Permanent Museum

The Museum offers an unusual itinerary through the life and work of Leonardo who lived in Vigevano as superintendent of the waters named by Ludovico il Moro, but also as a member of the court of Ludovico and Beatrice who always appreciated his unbelievable artistic skills, and the scientific and mathematical brain. scopri di più

Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Lomellina is a State-owned Institute for public use. Opened in 1998 and expanded in 2006, it collects, within some very suggestive spaces of the Sforzesco Castle of Vigevano, the archaeological evidence from excavations or occasional recoveries in Lomellina, with the aim of spreading its knowledge and allowing its use by a vast public visiting the city and its monuments.Discover more

Museum of Mora Bassa

The Ecomuseum of Roggia Mora - Mulino di Mora Bassa is located in Vigevano (Mora Bassa road n.38) near the fifteenth-century mill with two large water wheels. The hydraulic building, owned by the Association of East Sesia Irrigation of Novara, has been restored and transformed into a museum in the year 2000, thanks to a contribution by the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Vigevano. This building, wanted by Ludovico il Moro, shows some architectural features that refer to the skills and knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci, working in those years at the Sforza court. Discover more