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Corso Milano, 95 / 27029 Vigevano (PV) Italy

Piazza Ducale

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A Bramante’s idea

Vigevano is surrounded by Ticino Park, is just 30 kilometers far from Milan, and welcomes visitors with the beauty of the famous Piazza Ducale: "a symphony on four sides" according to the definition of the great maestro Arturo Toscanini. Conceived by Bramante with the support of Leonardo da Vinci, Piazza Ducale is the entrance of honor to the imposing Castle, by extension one of the largest in Europe. It is continuously renovated and used for the organization of exhibitions and events.


Rectangular architectural space of 134 x 48 meters surrounded on three sides by arcaded porticoes, supported by 84 columns with capitals worked with different images. “Centina” windows open onto the main floor and “oculi” illuminate the higher floor. Under the porticoes there are shops and bars that once housed shops with wool drapes. On the eastern side there is the majestic Baroque façade of the Cathedral that with its concave shape embraces the large square. Behind the south side, the Castle Tower rises.

Torre del Bramante

It represents the symbol of Vigevano as it reaches on the highest point of the city. It was built in different steps, starting from 1198 until the end of the fifteenth century, when it was completed by Bramante. With its characteristic "filaretiana" shape, with scalar bodies, offers from its crenellations a complete overview of the square, the castle and the entire city.